WinUndelete Review

Where's it gone? Oh there it is!

Submitted by jonnyp on Wed, 2007-02-21 15:54.
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The lowest price: 44.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Speed - The speed at which it finds deleted files is amazing Interface - Nice and simple and easy to use
Not one that I can see.

The recovery of data from a Hard drive can sometime be a labourious task that you sometimes just cant be bothered to do.
This software owever allows anyone with any amount of technical knowledge the ability to recover lost data.

We've all been there, hovering over the delete button not quite knowing what is going to happen if we do delete the file. Now you can have a safety net that allows you to delete that file and not have to worry to much about whats going to happen, but I'll tell you whats going to happen, you'll fire up WinUndelete and get on with it! Bish bash bosh! the file is restored!

Its got a lovely, bubbley, userfriendly interface that anyone with knowledge of how to use a windows application can pick up with ease.
It took me no more than a minute to work out how to use it and once I had I was amazed at the speed of it.

The ability to be able to look for specific file extentions, thus being able to filter out the crap that gets deleted on a regular basis by the operating system reinforces this softwares worth.

This software got me out of many holes not only with lost files on hard drives but also with windows network drives and netware network volumes.

Good stuff


Brilliant, worth the money even if its only to protect your own sanity by knowing that you have a safety net for getting most files back should you need them. I'd buy it!