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The new solution named Planbee

Submitted by kaysheehan on Sun, 2010-07-11 09:57.
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The lowest price: 62.98$
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Only the price and great tables and generating reports for him.
It confuses users. Do not look professional. Users can are able to accept this, but if the user / technical / etc show their work to their employers or customers cannot be trusted, as the unprofessional visualization.The interface needs a makeover.

Given the complexity of the task, PlanBee was, in general, surprisingly easy to learn. I had the opportunity to plan a project basis rather quickly, but I had some trouble understanding more complex attributes of the software. I think because PlanBee not work as you would expect with Windows. Not activated a new window for every little operation. Takes a little practice at first. The text is smaller than we are accustomed to most Windows applications. Instead of breaking windows new PlanBee makes extensive use of panels or frames in the main program window.

Virtually it does not seem professional. When I opened it the first time I thought it was still underway in the developing world. For very colorful. There are so many notes, descriptions of bars, but they are confusing because they are too colorful and police sizes are insufficient fir higher resolutions. They are good if your screen resolution 680x400 pixels. Some comments have poor color composition in the background, so they unlawfully. Gantt chart and task bar are in separate windows, as if they are two different things. In my opinion, they should be in the same window or the user must be able to see them in a window of the same work.

At first, when I start up, the interface to throw back to 10 meters. It seems so confused! But if you spend only 25 minutes to play, you will finally have an idea. When you add the list items, you can then add other sites as well as addiction. When I added some elements and dependencies, I walked and tried to play in the classification and reporting. Simply works! Two shots I was quite ready to print the report and all information I come. Even fewer clicks (a toolbar), I had a Pert (as diagrams) and Gantt (schedule) in the standings. The default zoom is not good, but luckily they put a small scale button in the upper right. The price itself is not so bad. The program is effective and produces good results. Useful if you use larger projects, and road maps were paper.


Must be improved and the interface looks horrible, but you can learn to use it. These applications, I think the result that matters more than it seems.