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Submitted by kaysheehan on Mon, 2010-07-12 10:02.
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The lowest price: 53.1$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Easy setup and very fast, small file size, simple user interface contains no advertising or spyware. Allows you to use the trial version.
Help Site for indexing, the software necessary for indexing the site work.Very pages.Saves many manual easy to use and easy to use, has very little memory, quick indexing, wide range of advanced options

Search Maker Pro is an excellent idea, especially web-master, who are new to the web and tired programming can create a powerful search engine of their database and the code-behind. If you have a website, which was formed thousands of dynamic pages (e.g. a product which is based on the Companies website through 20-25 pages maximum), this software is the best way to create a search engine for your domain. Select STP options to your step and you are magically gifted effective and a good search engine html codes work. You can easily take it to the site. The disadvantage of the software, if you try to create a list of hundreds of websites that cost a lot of bandwidth. Why save the page indexing codes entered on the same page as the javascript. But as I said earlier, that is the perfect solution for your website has a limited number of pages, the presentation of products or business website.

Search Maker Pro is a program I use all the time. You are automatically create a JavaScript engine, can I use my websites, CDs and DVDs! This is a powerful and handy. Now I can do the search engines without any knowledge about coding worried at all! In search of less than 2 minutes, it also indexes HTML files and PDF files. And powerful enough to index Word and Excel. Xls, too! This tool does not require me to have access to all CGI! Supports my style and my template file. I tried searching for Maker Pro Norton Antivirus, Nod-32, and AVG. And I contain establish no virus at all.


Personally I like to use this software in any other software out there. It’s all I need and everything you do not want to do. It’s worth every penny! I suggest if you are a beginner, you can purchase software or at least try for 30 days! It’s just that it takes a bit a lot of space. But still worth it.