Moon Tycoon Review


Submitted by Neverhood on Mon, 2010-07-12 12:59.
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Easy, understandable, for wide range of players, friendly price.
Slow scrolling, maybe not so attractive for advanced players.

Moon tycoon is game with really nice graphics, especialy with all details turned on where you can see flashing lights, arriving and departing spaceships, rising the Earth. Your goal is to create a profitable Moon Colony.

But there's a problem. When you are running on PC with recommended configuration the game is quite slow. The solution is only to turn off some details or set lower screen resolution. (Or buy a new PC? :D )

Sounds are really cool. Whenever you are approaching a building you can hear what's going on there.

Controling the game is very simple (thanks to the tutorial). In the bottom toolbar you have main indicators (air, electricity, etc.), on the right side is menu for rest of actions.

To make money you can for example mine the raw material, or sell some medical stuff or hi-tech toys. Or you can focus on tourism. To be profitable you have to construct some buildings like a casino or shopping centre, because you should take care about the attractivity of your colony.

There are two main indicators - the indicator of attractivity and the indicator of morality of colonists. Each buildig has an effect on the indicators (f.e. Nuclear power plant = bad reputation) and you have to find the balance between feeling comfortable and beeing friendly to colonists.


Nice graphics, understandable game system for pros as well as for beginners, higher than average game for everyone who likes sci-fi games.