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can be improved and few problems of this great software

Submitted by kaysheehan on Tue, 2010-07-13 12:21.
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It is very nice, offering a good amount of customization, Look Great customizable very functional, easy to handle and use all you can think of is available.
You must be the kind of person who wants the look, hard to put forward, not stick on the desktop - to hide

StickyNotes ... Should be a sticky ... than to keep on your desktop. Well, I can say that they do not. StickyNote not always hidden in the depressions the Show Desktop icon. Okay, I admit that there is a workaround for this - you must press the Windows key and & button at the same time, instead of maintenance, Show Desktop Icon on the desktop so that reminders are not hidden. But the downside is that it is difficult to do again and again. Sticky Notes is not pretty, but the fact that when you create a new adhesive, can be tilted left or right will again uneasy. At least there is a fair amount of customization that you can choose the font, color, text size. I like this feature StickyNote.

But when I started to use Sticky Note, I found that I liked it less and less. For me, the big problem was to find them when they were not & more. They were not on the desk top, then clicking the Show Desktop button does not bring up ... the way I like to see that if fixed by clicking on the taskbar Sticky Note, they are using software front. After sticky notes for a few days; you start to wonder how you ever worked before. Whether for Mac or Windows Vista into software or Tenebril Inc. Sticky Note Reminders will help a vital part of your daily computing toolbox.

The only serious shortcoming for Sticky Note is its graph. When in 3D mode, the notes display in random corners banked left and right, and the 3D mode of the notes seem very mid-1990s (blocks and awkward). Although this seems a small problem at first, becomes serious when it spends most of his day looking at these notes. The latest operating system is increasingly out of this software seems - Sticky Note the sharp contrast sleek and elegant Windows Vista. However, I firmly believe StickyNote not worth the price. If you can do with less customization, but the desire for greater reliability - using free software and its use desklets Avedesk - do the work, and not look too ugly either.


Good product if you are looking closely simulates real Sticky Notes software known good software, at least some of the things I found missing. Freeware is found that is very similar. I do not pay in cash on a sticky note software.