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Create a plan without professional skills

Submitted by kaysheehan on Wed, 2010-07-14 05:31.
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Easy to use. Simple. The exact design of the walls. Ask for help. The ability to save the picture in various forms. Low Price. Program simple, cheap, plenty of tools to change the look; anyone can use it to help a system that really helps!
Too easy for business use, or have more skill. The properties are very interesting basic. only doing 2D interface, not professionals

A number of buttons on the left gives you the option of adding walls; add shapes, windows, doors and all the main functions that you have to do a house plan. I found that although the help files were very large, it is useless to use because of easy interface. While I think this program is for everyone to use their own models, I think it would be too easy for professional designers and architects. The features are everything you need at an amateur level, but at a professional level, they would be too simple.

drawing tools are places on the left side of the window, below them you have an option that allows you to switch between metric and how the U.S. (a little good for someone like me who are more familiar with metric units) in the background, you have control over the resolution of the screen, zoom etc.coming to the main application only allows you to do 2D rendering, you do can choose from materials you use, you can not also determine the total costs of materials, costs etc. the look and feel of the basis of application is simple, easy to use, but I find it a bit boring and uninteresting. You only interested in your motivations. And he has not given enough opportunities to attract professionals.

Last but not least, the ability to save in JPG and other formats is a pro, making it possible to move designs from one computer to another without having to install the software. He gave me the opportunity to work on the project at work, and show it to my wife at home. One thing to note is the rapid response of the online help.


I think this program is fantastic and easy to use for all those who want to design a foot, but lacking for those with the highest skill levels and it is a simple program, but it did not render 3D can be very effective for those who just intend to start with something simple.