Pretty Good MahJongg Review

Review Pretty Good Mahjongg

Submitted by kaysheehan on Wed, 2010-07-14 05:43.
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The version has a lot of game options and different options; there are many choices of games. If you want to play every version of Mahjong, you might like.
No sound or music. Sometimes it is difficult to identify the different characters and the text is too complex a game designed to be simple, there is too much stuff that I'm sure nobody would ever use.

The tiles were very difficult to see. A band of red around, said the shadow, and depth. But I still very difficult to determine whether the tile is free or bound by other tiles. Each game opens in a new window. And when you’re new to the software, can be very confusing. It is a button on the toolbar options, but none of them are not particularly useful. You must go to the game menu again, or mixed sheets. From the reproduction area, select the game that presents itself with the number of game, no description. A person who wants to save games, and already know the rules very Mahjong could then software.

I like many different surfaces and apparently effect ceramic gave away copies, and the ease with which you can play the game. In general, I think it is a solid game, but slightly better effects and inconvenience could be great. But someone just wants a good game of Mahjong, which is easy to use and easy to enjoy, fits bill. Pretty simple, not really, Mahjongg like last time killing game is designed to be simple. Player is to play easily and quickly, because this version does not. Not a lot of issues with this release, which kills the basic game itself.


In general, it seems attractive and fun to play, if you need instructions, do not buy if you want to read the full help file.