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Style Up, Please, and compare with MS Web Developer 2008 Express

Submitted by kaysheehan on Fri, 2010-07-16 10:10.
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The lowest price: 71.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
There are many other good things for the little editing, as a style of speech to reformat your style sheets and the ability to view all styles, for a given (X) HTML or CSS rule. TopStyle can even update your CSS CSS HTML by converting all the HTML has been deprecated in favor of the CSS and thus perfact editor 2. property behind the use
The software is too complicated to be used by beginners, and it is not cheap either and no flatness of the Cross of Independence, no clause excluding liability for loss of data, no update option software licensing cost price.

TopStyle provides for the handling of your site directly on your computer. It offers features such as an overview of your site, including all style sheets and HTML documents, all broken links style which have recently changed documents (HTML and style sheets) and all stylesheets with @ import declarations. The program maintains a database of your website layout and can reconstruct the place where it has been changed by another application. Site overview reports covers ID, driving class, orphans and classes not defined, and the disparity of cases.

TopStyle Pro is easy to use for beginners and programmers who use PHP because:
1. TopStyle Pro need to understand the concepts, but not to understand the structure. But Miscrosoft Web Developer 2008 Express (I use) must understand the concepts and structure.
2. If the PHP programmer (I have used before and use ultraeditor; many problems), TopStyle Pro prefact fully to the site.
3. The role of syntax and structure checker TopStyle Pro Web Developer 2008 Express and Microsoft even.
4. Standard Web browser and grow in real time (I think) and the manufacturer of many. Pro ProStyle must make your product plug-in form.

This program is not platform-independent and can not run Linux or UNIX operating system users because the product is made only on Microsoft Windows based platform. Warning When installing this software does not include any explicit or implicit data lost, so that any user explicitly destroys its data and the needs of this product may cause problems. There must be a solution for updating software in the software. Means using this product, users must facilitate the function of updating the software, if there is no new version available, with other standard software to update their versions. Like a code editing in the localized language creates problems of this software, it is not possible to edit in localized languages will say he does not support UTF-8. With all this TopStyle Pro is a huge expense for the license version.


Web programmer needs to understand the concept and structure and TopStyle Pro is an excellent product recommended for CSS / HTML editing. It is easy to use for professional and not professional editors Web. It has a very high price for its license if it has an excellent design with multiple control functions of the browser that can reduce development time for any CSS / HTML developer.