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Submitted by kaysheehan on Fri, 2010-07-16 10:20.
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Easy to use, high quality results and efficient user interface and easier to record and publish full-motion video in Flash is better than ever, the recorded images and video requirements, powerful, rational system.
No help file. price tag may be a little high for independent developers and recorded video output 10fps Maxes t-can make the movie part of the stop capture can be tricky, and also capture images, captions, text and sound . Easy to operate.

ViewletCam manage to combine a number of other programs into one product while gently or is it hype. I am happy to say that in this case, it seems to live up to expectations. ViewletCam is for "business" in order to facilitate download presentations of relatively complex products on the Internet, CDs, etc., and is supposed to be able to do without expensive training to all: yes, it is a fair description. The installation is quite catchy, you just start a new project, the name and a registration box pops up asking what you want to give. You have the possibility of a particular window, a selected area anywhere on your screen and / or the whole. There are few secondary options to choose from, namely sound recording and how many frames per second, which maxes out on a 10 mast (so that no one in games or fast paced movies, which I shall speak later) .

Help is a different topic. When I clicked on Help -> Help ... I sent a web page, where I had to download a PDF file! PDF is a good project, but its reality can be printed. If you need to look at something quickly, the normal help file is preffered! Limit of 10 fps is not a problem. This software is designed to save the application, and 10 fps is sufficient.

The software is easy to install, a little tricky at first to configure and use (as it has many options), but Qarbon was smart enough to use its own software to create Viewlet a series of presentations with you ViewletCam teach how to use it. ViewletCam He used 5 MB hard disk space (20Mb though less is needed), do not consume much CPU that other competitors do, and seemed quite mature. I I also noticed some limitations such as sampling rate limit of 10 frames per second (fps), and the tool to select capture area could certainly use some improvements. ViewletCam is really useful and powerful software is useful for professionals and also to students, etc. .. Anyone who wants to record their daily work in their PC.


If you need to create Flash demos, or because you are a software developer or because you have to teach people how to use a product, you will not be disappointed with this software and ViewletCam is a good functional program. For a person who has the task of making tons of beautiful presentations simple, this work will be. For something more intense - the players, designers - keep looking.