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Excellent program, which pays off and AUTOMATION SOFTWARE beauti

Submitted by kaysheehan on Sat, 2010-07-17 10:07.
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a lot of features, easy to use, lots of help and documentation, and no way to export or import duties. Also very expensive for the average consumer.
expensive, many features that may or may not be used, weak capacities of word processing and a look at this Grand automation software surprised me by its elegant and automation technology for Quick effective works composed.

Other features I like are the Workflow Manager (you can create longer and more complex tasks using recorded earlier work and participate in the graph) the comparison of images, optical character recognition (text and extract images messageboxes) and support of Excel. One feature that I found particularly useful is the web recorder. You can open a web page and extract some information that highlighting the text you want, you can create your own custom RSS feed on websites that do not support RSS, imagine reading inventories or the sites popularity ranking automatically, but beware, this method can be easily altered by a change in web design.

Another task is super useful feature that helps create jobs and cohesion to more important tasks and automated treatment. Tasks no longer need be limited to the essentials. Through automation anywhere feature allows interchange variables and information to create more intelligent tasks. Overall, this product is very helpful and friendly.

For the most part, not only automates this automation software, also plans to all business and IT planning activities. This automation software to implement various activities and has wonderful features. This awesome task of auto-login caliber design, will take the actions, even if the collage of information. With Web Recorder we can simply store for each and everyone to Understand this control, and Web Data Extraction Software easily obtain all the information on the web. Within minutes you can easily automate IT operations. It gives us a guarantee stronger password protection close.


Very nice design. simple interface and easy to understand. Worth incest, if you really want, and we can just get rid of manual errors hypothetical save huge amount of valuable time and money. We tore the authenticity of business activities. Help to deepen. Top utility for business and IT professionals.