3D Live Snooker Review

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Submitted by dlsasmartypant on Mon, 2010-07-19 23:44.
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3D component, helpful hints, multi-player options, easy to play
Simple graphics and background, low mouse sensitivity

While 3D Snooker surpasses other pool software with their simple to use controls and detail extensive manual, there is still room for improvement. As an avid pool player, I appreciate software that comes as close to playing an actual pool game as possible. Firstly, the 3D aspect of the game allows players the advantage to use space and angles effectively to make the best possible shot. Secondly, the game is extremely easy to play. I needed little to no instructions to get started. 3D Snooker is fast paced and definitely has potential to be a big hit.

On the flip side, the software can improve on the graphics and mouse sensitivity. I frequently go on sites like Pogo.com to play pool and have seen the level of graphics that can be done. In terms of visuals, 3D Snooker is a little bland and boring. There can be more things happening in the background but not too much as to cause a distraction. They can also make the controls a little more sensitive to the mouse. there were instances where I pulled back hard on the mouse but did not get the corresponding force.


3D Snooker is a solid pool game that will target young game players because of the easy controls.