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Submitted by joesat on Wed, 2010-07-21 06:10.
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What topics, dentistry is a dog handling has its own vocabulary, terms and conditions that are characterized by (only) to do so. Typography is no exception.
He can not handle too many fonts, compare policies ineffective, only Windows, Win98 retro look.

When I'm in Typograf, I struck gold. Although I am not a designer, I am a video editor where the font is large enough to produce a professional-looking video. However, the software turns out to be a disappointment. Typograf allows users to view their collection of sources at once. The software interface not only allows scrolling left and right, which may be a concern when you have a large collection of sources without using a search bar. For users with an eye for beauty, Typograf definitely not fit the bill with mediocre prospects.

The biggest drawback is that the software is not compatible with Windows Vista, and therefore boring "Support for Windows Help" window still appears when you click on the menus. I am currently using version 4.8f and compared Typograf font tab works fine. It allows you to write a sample text for comparison and also to compare the properties of both policies.

The part of the source seems so simple, but did not call. I had to scroll all the way to the left to display a font in my collection 3K. A simple search box would have saved a lot of time! Table Compare police found myself switching back and forth to compare different fonts With Sources compare box and See comparative results box in different tabs. Sources Install / Uninstall was easy and pleasant. But I do not go dizzy! The keyboard layout of the sources is very useful for symbol fonts, but to find the specific source of thousands of people on the list will be a challenge.


The best piece of software for managing police information that I have seen. Perhaps the extent of the PC user base, but most have for designers.