Guaranteed PDF Decryptor (GuaPDF) Review

GuaPDF | Bypass The Security on PDF Documents

Submitted by joesat on Wed, 2010-07-21 10:19.
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The lowest price: 22.5$
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Very easy to use on your computer, anyone can use. Works not in all cases, but it works, it is easy to use, has a comprehensive help file.
- A bit expensive, password encryption will take several days and there is no way to stop the decryption. - Does not open all PDF files.

Is a command line utility that allows you to decrypt encrypted PDF files, and remove restrictions on various activities, such as printing and publishing. All PDF files regardless of password length or the language used, can be opened. decryption process will take about three weeks (45 days maximum) is a Pentium II (333 MHz). To speed up the encryption, you can use a simple mechanism for distributed computing on multiple computers.

Another good thing is that the applications can use multi-core processors to open the protected files faster. Another thing is the smart user interface. While not visually appealing, using standard computer style and are right to do so. It is very easy to use, as simple as opening the file and select a folder to save the file in. A comprehensive help file is attached, however, the user should not need to open it (if only learn more about the full functionality of the application).

But these benefits come from the price, which can be expensive for many users, but if the task requires a lot of research and print documents and encounter many of the files restricted or password-protected PDF, then you have found a dream tool ever worry about this things and the price would be precisely the right value for


GuaPDF is a great tool to bypass security restrictions on PF, but its price of $ 26 is an application too, which is used regularly. As a casual user utilities prefer a cheaper solution. But if you use PDF-up and remove the limitation of profits on a regular GuaPDF is without doubt the best application that works well option.A - GuaPDF can not be recommended. A good application that works - GuaPDF can not be recommended.