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Submitted by joesat on Thu, 2010-07-22 15:59.
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3 types of billiard playing Take a friend on your computer or network play. Change the appearance of billiard tables, cues, balls, and rooms. Five difficulty levels to give you the perfect challenge. High Guard monitoring dashboard of your best performances
It's a bit difficult to understand how to get in early. I could not really know until I play a couple of minutes.

3D Live Snooker is a fun and realistic pool will keep you entertained for hours. There are several different types of billiards snooker mini-complete. You can change the appearance of different parts of the game, the pool table for the balls you use. You can customize the difficulty of computer opponents to find something that matches your skill level. You can even check your high scores and try to beat them. It is a great pool game from beginning to end. 10 different types of Snooker.

I'll start with the game. It is a very easy to learn, but the instructions on how to play are not really stand out. They are in a small fountain at the corner of the screen. It took a bit to find out. As the camera moves back and without the option of choosing between the rear and not invested in a kind of despair. Personally, I'm not used to invest in each and took a few games to adjust. Also, the time between shots seems a little stretched. Once you take, the camera slowly approaches its next move. The same thing when your opponent is shooting. Shoot, and then slowly recedes in the next image.

The background image is a bet avant-garde, which in reality does not match the rest of the screen. It seems that the "Oh, Nice - the game is .. Damn, we forgot about a fund," and then just put something together.


Nice game, fun to play when you know how. A bit difficult to understand how to play the game I do not want to put it first on your list, but it is worth buying.