Sothink SWF Decompiler Review

Sothink decompiler - does it's job well.

Submitted by toluse247 on Thu, 2010-07-22 20:42.
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Does it's job well, offers a lot on one screen instead of popping several screens.
Best for professionals or those who have had experience with these kind of software, not that easy to browse through and use (especially for amateurs).

I'm not a professional with flash movies but I just like to take things apart and rebuild them. I bought this software because I had a flash movie with nice images embedded within and I wanted to be able to extract them. Then I went searching and found Sothink decompiler.

The program does a great job at helping you extract almost whatever you want from a flash file but I wouldn't recommend it for amateurs. It took me hours to get exactly what I wanted from the flash movie partly because I've had zero experience with this kind of things. In the end I had to look for help from friends and forums. Most people advised me to use the software along with other free programs which I downloaded. This made things a lot easier for me.

So I will say that this software is not for amateurs and you should not use it alone if you want to really enjoy it.


Sothink decompiler is a great software and could be even more effective and fun if used by professionals. It's not totally bad but needs to be more newbie-friendly.