DOC Regenerator Review

A useful piece of software, and this product does not meet the n

Submitted by jackylau on Sun, 2010-07-25 14:50.
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The lowest price: 44.96$
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Its application is very light, the quality and performance of the product is something every user wants the product and ease of affordable
I do not recommend this software, it is time you need to search your hard drive for damaged document, and in fact many times. Safety wise, no password available to software. This software supports Microsoft Vista, but fails with Microsoft Office 2007 and visually boring could be used as part of another program.

Recover damaged Microsoft Word document, the actual collection of documents, even if the document is a document that corrupt.Tried corrupt and good works. Compared to the software recovery software available online is effective in others. It searches your entire hard disk to corrupt all documents which in turn is time-consuming, which is the abandonment by me.This software is compatible with Windows Vista support two partitions, FAT and NTFS.

I think it is very useful and moderateness price. Tried to see my if I could find recently deleted files and documents and it worked! I got the word document files in no time and it was fairly easy to use. I was slow in understanding how to use it at first, but as I got used to it, it was beautiful. , I'd probably consider buying this program for me that I lost very important documents in the past. I think it's a safe purchase and reasonably priced piece of software, and that it might even restore damaged documents and sort the file differs means it does not go unused.

One reason for the opinion that the product does not meet the common needs of users is that it can only support Word documents and files. There are many free software as another example of a file back, and restoration of software that can perform tasks Same, Which file did regenerator. Also, if you want to go to pay for software, if you want more powerful features are implemented in a very wonderful product like Recovery Office to support back-doc files, text files, zip files, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations and even archive file. All this is the current user base needs to support both the technology and features a large class of product, or a few dollars. I am very sorry that they need to purchase this product.


The quality of this product is very good in terms of use and performance.but in terms of functionality implemented, it is very bad, but for someone, I recommend, especially if you work with business documents to be stored safely. At a low price, you files will be very safe.