Dropheads Review

Nice but Trite, worth a try!

Submitted by NabeelDude on Tue, 2010-07-27 07:06.
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The lowest price: 16.95$
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Cute Colorful Graphics, Nice Music, Simple, Not too addictive, Not too competitive.
Unoriginal & Overused idea, Priced too steeply

Dropheads is an easy to understand and easy to play game. You can download it on your computer and play it whenever you need a simple fun break from your work. It’s not very addictive and it’s not very competitive so you’ll be able to relax by playing it rather than get lost in it.

The gameplay tough is almost trite and it’s reminiscent of many other arcade games like bejeweled and tetris etc. All you have to do is try and match up four Dropheads of the same color as they keep falling down. There are attempts to make the game more interesting by including features like a puzzle maps whose pieces you collect as you go through the different levels, but you feel like you can’t really care much about them anyway.

The graphics of the game are nice; concise, straightforward and functional. The animations for the Dropheads are sweet and so cute! The animation of the Dropheads blasting off is also pretty cool and overall Dropheads GUI is definitely very user-friendly and makes the game easy to navigate. Another nice thing is the background music. And together they give the game a cool funky vibe.

You can play this game in the arcade and strategy modes, but really none of them are too challenging or fast-paced. At times, you’ll even feel bored because the gameplay is so predictable. The $17 fee tough is definitely a bit too much. It doesn’t make sense to pay that much for it when there are many similar free games available for play online. But anyway, try it out and you might just decide that it’s worth it after all.


Definately worth a try!Ideal if you want to take a break from office work for a few minutes and just relax and have fun with a simple game.