Dropheads Review

Mind boggling amusement for "my mother"

Submitted by Tony on Fri, 2007-02-23 16:13.
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Clean graphics, fun gameplay, games within games, solid gameplay
Players may be unstimulated at times if you play this game genre everyday...may come off as repetitive

If you like this particular type of game genre, then this could be a true staple in your collection of pc games.

Although many games like this have similar techniques and styles of play, there is still something to be said about those that put a different spin on the usual and the ordinary.

I have taken a particular liking to this game because of some of the unique games features it contains...games within games, great graphics and animations, and a solid challenge in gameplay. Nonetheless, as soon as my mother caught on to this game, I have not seen her stop playing it.

She is a guru of this type of gaming and states it is one of the better games she has played recently. It seems to me that she won't be putting this one down for some time. If you have any interest in this particular game genre, then this product is a must...if you've never really taken a liking to these kinds of games, then this one may change and even challenge your mind.


Overall, a good game to have in your game collection of mind amusement and challenging gameplay. But, be prepare to spend countless hours playing since this game can and will be addictive!!!