Aqua Real Screensaver Review

On the scale of things, this screensaver is a bit carp...

Submitted by QuantumReviews on Thu, 2010-07-29 22:23.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Great looking fish, Great customisation, Realistic sounds
Poor animation, Low resolution 2D scenery, limited number of sounds, expensive

Fish jokes aside, this screensaver, while boasting the "most advanced technologies in 3DVR and biomechanics", falls quite short of the mark. To start with, the presentation: The fish look good with great resolutions and a wide range of fish to choose from, but this is let down by the low resolution of the 2D scenery which, despite obvious attempts, doesn't seem to blend well with 3D fish. The colour changing effects of the tank are a pretty touch and being able to tweak the bubble effects and lights gave the tank a more personal touch.

Next the graphics: Fish are rendered great! They look just like fish should, opening and closing their mouths. The animations are half decent to... that is until you try to feed them, having dropped food in the tank my fish suddenly did 0-1000 in a millesecond to gulp down the food. Some would call it cool fish... but it is purely poor animation.

Finally the sound: Not much to say here... the bubbles sound very realistic, like bubbles should, but they perpetual noise drives you round the bend after a short period of time! NB this seems to be the only sound effect you can have besides the odd croak from a frog every so often... so they are a quite limited. Hearing the sound of the finger tapping on the glass or something would have added to the small array of noises.


All in all not too bad, doesn't live up to the hype it puts forward in the software description. Unless your a fish enthusiast who wants fish all over their computer then spending $17 is too high a price for this quality of screensaver.