3D Live Snooker Review

3D Live Snooker. . . Snooker? . . "SNOOKER!!!"

Submitted by bizmuth101 on Thu, 2010-08-05 07:26.
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The lowest price: 29$
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Pretty close to real thing, small easy to download and use.
The price

What?! Now why would I waste my hard earned $29 on a snooker game? Oh yeah I'm a big snooker fan! Oh wait, I'm such a big snooker fan why don't I just play "REAL" snooker with my $29?

Honestly? Not a game for the big snooker fan, unless you wanna throw your game off. Oh hey wait don't get me wrong I'm not burying the game just yet. Alright lets play. . . Wooooww look at that backspin!! Yup backspin. It's really obvious the creators tried real hard for the game to be realistic and hey, they did a pretty good job. The cue ball in front of the cue without a hand and an arm is great, closest to the real thing you'd ever get (oh you could change the view like your raising up your head in the real thing so you could get a clearer look). You could feel the ease of a close shot and the difficulty of a long shot, and that's a good thing. But I do think the sight is kinda off that's why I think it "COULD" throw your game off. And wait no, there is no cursor or a line that will guide your shot you'll just have to rely on plain sight, steady hands and . . . experience. Yeah experience, like knowing when to incorporate a big or just a little left spin yup it works here. The smoothness if feel in snooker compared to billiards when playing, is there too.

Graphics are nice, I don't particularly look at the graphics when looking for a snooker or billiard game it don't matter. The game really needs some getting used too though. Really really annoying at first specially when your playing the computer and you get to see those unbelievable, perfect rail or angle shots you'd think they put in a super engineer on the ai. The zooming in before a shot could really drag so expect a slow pace game.

Its Snooker, Not Billiards!!


Pretty decent game. I'd buy it for half the price if I wanna get serious with it or 5 of my good friends have it.