CrazyTalk Review

If a picture is worth a thousand words...

Submitted by CoLT on Wed, 2006-01-25 11:42.
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-Great easy to use interface -Powerful 'morphing' software -Really fun to use
-High price

CrazyTalk is sooooo funny. It is, without a doubt, one of the funniest photo editing/enhancement programs around. But that also hides its true power. You see, CrazyTalk is designed to create a laugh but the method in which it brings you that laugh is its true power. Using smart and easy to use wireframing, CrazyTalk enables you to 'morph' digital photos to add voice to them. This is what its all about.

The interface of CrazyTalk is quite professional-looking with the gold background giving it that priceless touch. The author has really thought about this and it has paid off. All the buttons are well laid out with neat, helpful descriptions underneath. Right on the main menu is a talking statue head with a recorded voice (of the author?) that 'talks' you through the process of making a CrazyPal (as the animations are called).

There is a section, accessible through a button on the main menu, which you can read through in order to get start if you've never used a program like CrazyTalk before. The world-wide-web is also fully integrated into CrazyTalk with the ability to quickly and easily download new content (images,messages) from the web at the click of a button. You can also send greeting cards and instant messages quickly and easily.

I found the text-to-speech (TTS) compatibility very useful as I don't like to hear myself on a recording. Even if you dont have the TTS software installed, CrazyTalk will detect it and then prompt you for a download of the software required. It also comes with a voice tweaker or a number of preset voices that are installed with CrazyTalk.

The faces you choose to apply you voice to active 'lip-synch' when the sound is played. It is so convincing. There are also several 'moods' that are pre-installed (more can be downloaded) and can be used to make you CrazyPal look sad, happy, scared, etc. These can even be changed during the speech which create even more hilarious possiblities.


CrazyTalk is great for when you just want to make someone laugh or speak to them in ways that you can't. Its well-designed easy to use interface allows anyone of any age group to be able to use CrazyTalk and make their own CrazyPals. Highly recommended fun for the whole family.