Birthday Bios Review

Very original software!

Submitted by Dima_2005 on Sat, 2007-02-24 10:49.
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Easy of use, Original, good-looking
Not enough templates, Vista uncompatible

This is a very original gift to give someone, but the problem is that it doesn't work under Vista. It installs, but it forgets to install important files. That's already a big problem. I installed it twice, and it didn't work...

Then I had to reboot my pc and start it up in Windows XP, then I saw what a great peace of software that this is. It's very original to give such a thing to someone and it's also very easy to control it.

Too bad it doesn't have too much templates to do all this, but you can make screenshots of all these articles and stuff and then you could just edit them in photoshop or something else.

This software is just a need-to-have if you're looking for a simple, but a very valueble present for someone's birthday


This is great if you don't know what to give for a birthday, but Vista needs to be fixed