Betty's Beer Bar Review

Busy Betty with beer

Submitted by roc080 on Sat, 2010-08-14 08:11.
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A good storyline, beautiful characterization of Betty, decent other characters, good tutorial, very easy to use.
Repetitive tasks, primarily for kids.....

Having played the game, an honest review is that it is for kids. Not for adults. But I do like the decent enough storyline and the characters involved. Although a little bit more interaction was desired. Graphics is okay for it genre. Users will love the character Betty. Does go along with a good storyline. Does hit the cord with the small town girl trying to make in the city.

Controls of the game are not many. All of it is done with the left click, same is with the right click. As far as music is concerned it is good. There are different time periods of playing the game, at 10 and 15 mins time period level it does get faster, also a little interesting.

All in all a decent game for kids........


Its a kid's game.