3D Live Snooker Review

Easily Addictive Pooltable Game

Submitted by Astartiel on Tue, 2010-08-17 09:30.
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The game is very easy to learn for first-time players. Keys are fairly easy to get used to controlling but could be improved upon. Graphics are decent, with nice touches like the moving arm on the grandfather clock.
No key-mapping. Would be nice to be able to map the keyboard & mouse differently to improve ease of play. The graphics while switching players was a bit slow. Would be good to speed this up a bit. Got old waiting for the view to switch between players.

Having never played Snooker, I found this game relatively easy to learn how to play, following along with the computer player. Playing against myself, I found the game beginning to become rather addictive. I liked that the movement of the mouse was smooth when moving the pool stick, making the illusion of it being real that much better. You can not cheat your way through this game, like some other pool games I've seen. It actually takes a little skill, much like real pool. The graphics were well done. Little features like tv screens, bottles behind the bar & moving parts on clocks made the room that much more realistic & easy to get lost in the game.


I can see myself spending many hours relaxing while playing 3D Live Snooker & think others that enjoy computerized pool games would like this one as much as I did!