Luxor Review

Egyptian Match-up Game Refreshing Look

Submitted by drummerbuddie on Sat, 2010-08-21 22:28.
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Nice graphics and color; ancient Egyptian theme is quite befitting. Good variety of specials and bonuses to give the player variety.
Great theme, no extensive storyline. Once complete, there's not much of an award as to a mere congratulations.

I always looked at Luxor in stores normally without a second look. Now that I played it, I seem to slightly regret that.

I grew up with arcade games that promote match-up games. PopCap's Bejeweled series, Chuzzle, and especially Zuma, in which I find most similarities in Luxor.

Although I prefer the 360 degree turns that Zuma offers, Luxor makes up with having the bottom-restrained scarab shooter by allowing it to move side to side, with falling bonus points and specials that adds a dash of a "fall-catch" game to it. With shooting specific colored spheres to stop the scarab minions from bringing them through the snake path into the pyramid.

This game offers a refreshing new look to a matching game with great Egyptian references: Isis, Pyramids, colorful hieroglyphics, scarabs, and the likes. However, with such a mysterious and widely popular theme, it may just be a matter of taste, but I get no real story with this game. If I had not read the description laid out above, I would not know of any such.

Regardless, this game comes with a great blast of color, timing, and wide variety of bonus points and specials.


Despite the yearning for more story to keep the player engaged, the game gives great graphics, variety of gameplay, and an above average level of "addictive-ness."