3D Live Snooker Review

3D Live snooker

Submitted by Joseph Testa on Tue, 2010-08-24 04:56.
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The lowest price: 29$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
decent sound/video quality, accurate aiming, versatile gameplay and difficulty options
no tutorial, cant control power of hit, costs a lot

3D Live Snooker is a rather well developed game where you may play snooker right on your computer. You can decide how long the game is, and how difficult it is to beat the computer in a game.

The idea in itself is good. People who don't have anyone to play with or a pool table can play on the computer, and the game itself has decent sound and video quality.

Although you can choose these options, I cant help but think this to be more than a game you would find in the same place as solitaire and minesweeper. The graphics and sound are better and it is easy to see more went into 3D live snooker, but to me it seems rather bland and more like a $5.00 game than a $29.00 game. If you have extra money you want to spend, then this game works. But I don't personally see the use in buying a game like this for much.

Also, i find that with a lack of a tutorial for people who don't know how to play snooker, that leaves this game only for the people who already play snooker. It is also difficult to control the power you want to put into hitting the cue, which makes it difficult


3D Live Snooker is a well developed game, but with the inherited game type and quality, is not worth the money you have to pay for it.