BrickShooter Review


Submitted by Joseph Testa on Wed, 2010-08-25 10:16.
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simple interface, easy concept to learn

Brickshooter is a nice simple game with an interesting way of progress.

The object is to simply match 3 bricks and blast them down to every last brick, which gets complicated because the bricks are going in on all sides, making it great deal more difficult when you end up needing to throw in different colors. This game is all about planning ahead so you don't have to add on more than you meant to get rid of in the first place.

This game is a challenging game with a very interesting format, also including options of how many different colors and types of bricks you want long with options for a timed game if you choose to do so or even a skin to make the game more appealing. On top of that, theres a windows format help menu. All of the controls are conveniently placed around the game area.

The games nice and simple, but costs a little much for the complexity of the concept if you ask me. The price should be cheaper for a game like this.


The game is all around a decent game, but seems more worthy for a flash game than an actual program. Too expensive for the concept of the game itself.