Gutterball 2 Review

Gutterball 2, a decent enough way to pass some time

Submitted by donal95 on Fri, 2010-08-27 18:11.
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Simple-innovative controls, Amount of choice and variation, customization options.
Annoying canned laughter.

Guterball 2 is a simple enough bowling game. After purchasing the game I came to the conclusion that it definitely was worth the buy for a number of reasons.
The aspect of Gutterball 2 which stood out to me most was the simple, innovative controls. These controls in my opinion are what makes the game.
The amount of content available on Gutterball 2 seems to me to be just enough. With 5 original bowling alleys to choose from, each with their own duo of commentators, the is not left with a shortage of variation.
On entrance to a new round of bowling the palyer is given the option of customization as far as Names, colors, bowling ball, etc. This is certainly a positive to me.
The reasonably witty commentary from the pair manning the original plain bowling alley is in my opinion the best, however it is surrounded by quite unconvincing canned laughter which can get annoying.


Gutterball 2 is generally a good game and although it may not be the best game you've ever played it is certainly an excellent way to pass some time.