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Cute Reminder.

Submitted by Montre on Mon, 2007-02-26 04:25.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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-Lightweight softer that does not turn a decent computer into a slug. -Consumes approximately 10 mb of ram throughout execution. -Easy to install, use and manage, and definitely useful.
-May not be practical for all people. -Seems pricey when you can achieve the same results by keeping a pad of paper next to your monitor.

Cute Reminder is a lightweight functional program that definitely has it's uses.

In an age where computers are used daily, and often times jobs require the use of a computer for many hours of the day. It only makes sense that if your spending a good portion of your day infront of a computer, you would use it for processes that concern your own daily life.

Cute Reminder does just that. It works as a sticky-note type application for writing and remembering important notes that you cannot forget throughout the day. Much like a day planner it can remind you to go pick up a jug of milk on the way home as you log off of your workstation.

For the more accomplished businessman this program isn't quite useful. While most businessmen may not spend their time infront of their computer they also own itinery books, day planners and personal PDAs where they note the next days activities.

I can see this program getting great use from teenagers in highschool to those in college or university, who spend copious amounts of time on their laptops or computer. Now their own sticky notes can help keep them on track with homework or plans so they don't forget to write that essay or make that important phonecall to go to the mall.


A decent program that does exactly what the title implies. While it may not be practical for the usual businessman, it will definitely hold it's own for computer users that don't have PDAs or Itinerary planners!