Gutterball 2 Review

GutterBall 2

Submitted by Joseph Testa on Mon, 2010-08-30 00:15.
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unique judge personalities, versatile on system specs, 5 different alleys to choose from,better control over the ball than normal games, great time killer
a little pricey

GutterBall 2 is a bowling game where you get to have your pick of 5 different alleys each with their own unique theme. You try to do the best you can in order to unlock some more complex bowling rings which will be more interesting than the normal flat retro lane in any normal bowling alley. There is also a whole collection of different unique bowling balls with different stats that change the way you stir it, the power, and the momentum the ball gains.

After playing this game, I loved the ease of use and the control over the bowling ball. it isn't just aim and click. You pull back and push the mouse forward to roll the ball. Then you can stir it with decent accuracy using the mouse afterwards to get it to the exact point you want it.

The options make it easy too, with quality for almost all screens and your choice of judges whose behaviors are set within the program to be different and unique, which is something that makes the game easier to bear instead of the same boring people. There is even a tutorial that explains how everything works which makes the ease of use even better.


All in all, Gutterball 2 is a great quality game with many good things. Try it out. You may like ti if you need something to kill time.