Dungeon Scroll Review

Dongeon Scroll word game

Submitted by Joseph Testa on Mon, 2010-08-30 00:48.
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not many
bad visual quality, boring, random made up words, expensive compared to just buying scrabble which is probably more fun anyways

The simple basis of this game is you need to find a word in the letters your given before the enemy hits you enough to the point where you die. The game is not addictive in any sense of the word. It is boring and makes up words that do not exist in the English language, So essentially it expects you to use words that don't exist which makes it mainly a guessing game.

The directions and explanation were alright at best. The graphics and sound are meant for only low end computers and the game is the same thing start and end. You go into dungeons and spell out words. This makes the game really boring really quick. The only change in pace is when a bear comes out of no where and the music changes and it becomes more difficult to make words and when you beat it, you get a permanent power up, which in itself only happens on a blue moon.

The RPG theme has no story or anything making it an RPG except the title and the fact that the separate games inside it are called dungeons and monsters make the time limit for words.


This game is not worthyour time, however you may try it if you want to seefor yourself