Weave Words Review

Very Addictive

Submitted by sepps on Mon, 2010-08-30 14:39.
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relaxing, addictive, works the brain
didn't have any

I play a lot of word games but this is different. Not only do you have to find words but you have to solve a puzzle or work against the clock. The whole game took me in, I didn't even mind the music.

In the Classic Weave Words I kept trying to find words with letters that I hadn't used before, so that I could solve the puzzle. This is harder than just making words.

Weave Words also allows you to choose which subjects you want to use for the puzzles, so if you have no idea about cartoon characters then remove it from your list.

The help is easy to use and very informative but I found that after one game I did not need or use the help or tips.

There are hours of fun with Weave Words. It is relaxing but still keeps the mind going. The time challenge is fast and the longer the word or the more double scoring letters you can use in one word the higher the word score - harder than you think.


Its worth every dollar.