3D Live Snooker Review

my experience with 3D live snooker

Submitted by mamuhappy on Tue, 2010-08-31 09:34.
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The lowest price: 29$
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good quality with sound and video, aiming simulated like hit in real world
can not choose the power to hit the ball,without a lase option to help you to aim

It is good 3D game which make you feeling as you are playing a real snooker in the true world.
holding the right button on mouse,you can change you camera far or near,while holding the left button on mouse to adjust the postion you shoot on the white ball.when you finish your targeting,holding the ctrl button and do not let it go,you pull back your mouse slower and push it forward,the faster you push forward,the stronger you hit the white ball to simulate your normal shooting action in the real world.

but it can not show any avatar,only the table and the balls,you can not see any computer human model in the game,I think if there is two avatar shooting the ball in this game,it makes the game better,and make the game different from other snooker game.

and wo can not find any laser to help us to aim.maybe the game designer want to let us feel that it is real game,and you can not use laser to aim in the real world.but I still deem that the game designer should give us a option to choose to use the laser or not.on the other hand,we also need another option to choose how much enegy we apply for one shoot,a enegy bar is being required.you click some button,and the enegy in the enegy bar floating,you click the left button the determine the power to shoot,just like any other games.

by the way,maybe the price is too high,how about cutting a little off.


worth playing it if there is a improvement