Dropheads Review

Simple Game, Not innovative

Submitted by Henri on Tue, 2007-02-27 12:18.
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A user friendly graphical interface and simple gameplay features.
A bland, overused idea. Not much incentive to keep playing.

My inital impressions of Drop Heads was of a simple, fun game that doesn't push the boat out in terms of gameplay but had a decent design. It seems i was right.


Drop Heads has a pleasantly designed graphical user interface with a pirate type theme on it. The actual dropheads are amusing blobs which vary in colour and have extravagant facial expressions. I found the instructions relatively clear and concise apart fromone menu on the arcade section, which was too small and crammed together. Overall the user interface is a good mix of being clear, concise , pretty and functional.


The objective of Drop Heads is to match up four dropheads of the same colour as they fall down. It is very similar to Tetris and it is strikingly obvious that the developers were inspired by the Tetris platform and decided to build on it.

Arcade mode is a gung ho type of game where the dropheads fall rapidly and the user must pay constant attention to stand a chacne of winning. Contrastingly in strategic mode, all that differs is the speed they fall at and the structure of the dropheads at the beginning (this makes it much harder).

As with any game, it gets progressively harder as the game continues, with more and more dropheads appearing and different types showing up. Despite the rapid descent of dropheads, the game is relatively easy until the fourth game, level four. The game does get slightly tedious and repetetive after while as it lacks suitable incentive to play on.


My overall impression of the game was that of an adequate version of a game that had been reproduced several times. Nicely designed. But i wouldn't recommend paying for it. It seems to be more suited to the 5-13 age range.