Zzed Review

His name is Zzed with two Z's

Submitted by Spekulyst on Tue, 2007-02-27 23:53.
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Simple controls, addictive, pretty good gameplay
Comes with a price tag, addictive

Once you get past the uncharacterisic number of appearances of the letter Z, you will probably fall into and addictive course through a good portion of this game. Shooting the multicolored trash heaps is fun and the addition of a few skill oriented bonuses make for a good time.

The story line seems like a dry attempt at drama surrounding a corperate calamity, but most people will just skip the cutscenes anyway. The controls are simple and precise. The sound effects aren't glamorous but they fit the part. And the levels eventually provide a bit of a challenge, if you are into that sort of thing.

Anyone who is bored at work or a high-score junkie, and don't mind shoving out a few bucks for a decent game, have fun...


Zzed is a game that is fun for some and not so fun for others. Easy to pick up and play so why not give it a try.