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Great Inventory!!

Submitted by slimes on Fri, 2007-03-02 22:38.
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good timing, fast voice sensor,public usage,friendly user software
price,inability to maximize the software

It has been known worldwide that the act of sound snooping is solely for detecting what someone else is typing and these days somehow facilitate the tracing of terrorists acts online with regards to their text-created plans.Though usually done manually those days.
But presently,this new inventory of Sound Snooper - is a marvellous software which really can change the world.

As i did the review on the trial product of this software i noticed that it's not just for tracing typed texts of individuals but one can secretly used record phone calls and radio broadcasts.
For more understanding -from its name- it automatically shows its true meaning because a "SNOOPER" means one who pry furtively in which the act of prying refers to looking and enquiring closely and with curiousity; while futively marked by stealth and surreptitious(secretly)findings.

Coming to the software itself - as i said earlier it's really marvellous because it activates whenever a voice is detected and time of recording is not really shown simultaneously at this time. Also this time is being recorded at an interval and the extracts are displayed on different periods even upto seconds' measurements.
Considering the Records button in the software were we have
Record; Edit; and Folder.

I would appreciate if record is changed to "extracts" because the main tab - Records on the main click of the software should not be repeated in list under it("record" in singular) so should be changed to "extracts"; and also Bandwidth should be added to the list particularly for the record of radio signals (e.g Broadcasts).

Every other thing about the software is very good and i know the software will be of great importance for different sectors of life ;as such can be used by big companies in order to sensor irregularities in a specific area.So what am saying is this for people or companies to really understand that this Sound Snooper is good - i think the price should be changed to by $50 dollar higher, thus making it $81.46 for sale..........

In addition, on settings under options - the sample rate should be displayed in order of thousands (from 10,000-50,000) and the " bits per sample rate should start from 24bits(minimum) because for easy measurement ;since 24bits make 1 byte, 1000 bytes make 1KB etc.
The software itself should be made possible for maximization because in the trial software is disabled.This is because some people with eye problem might not be able to see the little displays.

Lastly under the 'Help' tab - where we have the following list :-
Contents, About, Resgister, Upgrade.I think to these lists "BUY" link should be added under the Upgrade; Making the list 5 in number.


The Sound Snooper software has a great importance and as such could be sold for $81.46 based on its security provision reasons and as well to compensate both individual and company users