Betty's Beer Bar Review

Beautiful Betty with Awful Customer

Submitted by darkshana on Thu, 2010-09-02 15:30.
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Good to play in the lunch hours to kill times. No need to read the instruction because of the simple gameplay.
Cartoon animation isn't good. The music is terrible. Boring.

This game is really addictive at the first hours. At the first time I play Betty Beer Bar, I think this game is really simple and easy to understand. Although the gameplay is very simple, you will find out yourself struggle become the main character, Betty in giving the service to her customers. It’s a little bit confusing tasks because Betty is the only character who runs out the operation of beer bar business. Yes, she does all of the tasks, such as washing glasses, take customer’s bill, serving the beer, making coffee. All of these tasks, she do it all alone. It’s the same like the Dinner Dash kind of game.

At first, I waited for the development of the character just like the additional speed movement or something in the story mode but you will not find it although you play it for a few levels. The bad things in this game is the continuous repetition task, I found myself get a little bit boring to play Betty Beer Bar. With only click and click, it’s very boring. Moreover, the music is very monotonous which makes the atmosphere become more awful. In addition, I also don’t really satisfied with the cartoon animation moreover with the customer animation which is very awful.


It's looked like that this game is only for children or for those who want to kill some times while waiting for something.