EzVoice Review

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Submitted by Amin_SJ on Sun, 2007-03-04 02:21.
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The lowest price: 25.74$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Reasonable investment.
Free updates to new versions.
VoIP phone connection also supported.
No backup of address book.
Mp3 file can’t be used as greeting message.

Greenish envy for a lady, in quest of a job of telephone receptionist…
Oh! Really I mean it.
This program can convert your computer into a wonderful answering machine.
You can easily record incoming calls on your computer, welcome your caller with a predefined as well as your personalized greeting message, block a particular caller or even a telemarketing call. You can also block calls from a specific region.

Neat looking interface, some good features to play with. Easy accessible explorer style interface with tree view, drag n drop support, caller id display, call logging, address book, search tool to find voice messages and address book entries, automatic answer mode, and multiple mailboxes configurable up to 10. … Not so complicated feature rich program.

EzVoice supports auto detection of voice modem and recording & playing devices. It automatically filters the noise coming from phone line and adjusts the recording volume that you get an optimal sound quality.

Two exciting features worthy of mention – one is Remote message retrieval. You can remotely access your voice messages from another telephone and the best thing is that you have to provide a password for this. And second is Instant call alert through which you can get an instant notification of new calls or messages on your cell phone or pager or email account … But this requires an always-on broadband Internet connection.
Guys responsible for this program, claim that this version is an outcome of 6 years of development. An award winning utility.

Despite all these exciting features, this program is lacking an important functionality of importing or exporting of address book; you have to manually enter caller name and numbers. Overall a best program to attend calls even if you are home away …


If you own a computer, voice enable modem, microphone, speaker, lot of call load and about to hire call receptionist this program is must try for both home user and business. If you are in a business where “words said” are very important, EzVoice is the answer.
Impress your clients; go ahead hire a receptionist just for $25.74