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Submitted by summerthyme on Sun, 2007-03-04 21:06.
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easy to use, mini games, very nice graphics
boring after about 15 minutes

Dropheads is – as the name suggests – yet another game involving colored objects that drop from the ceiling. The player is challenged to gather the dropheads in groups of four or more, thus causing them to disappear. As each level is cleared, you receive a piece of the treasure map—solve all the levels in the stage, and you are taken to a puzzle game. Put all the pieces of the map together correctly, and you get a bonus treasure chest.

    While not the most original game idea by a long shot, Dropheads was a little fun to play. Besides the actual matching, there are enjoyable ‘mini games’ within the levels. These mini games helped keep my interested captivated by occasionally changing my objective, which allowed for a little longer game play. I completed the first stage with reasonable pleasure, but once I reached the second stage I was really bored.

      One major irritation was the super-simple interface. If you accidentally click on a blank square, or the wrong drophead, the game instructions would appear in a little bubble. This got fairly frustrating, especially since the game is so simple. You’d think by the fourth level it would be assumed you know how to play.

        The background music was upbeat, but not overly annoying. However, the transitions between the level background music and the end-of-level music did not mesh well.


        Overall, this game adds a few interesting additions to the ordinary drop game, but is still in essence an ordinary drop game. Not particularly challenging or dynamic, I’d recommend it for younger players.