Platypus Review

Surrealistic Shooter with Artistic Merit

Submitted by MJGV on Sun, 2007-03-04 22:57.
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The lowest price: 17.99$
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Brilliant graphics, simple, addictive gameplay, lots of variety, two player mode.
Minor technical issues, similar gameplay is available for free.

Even with the photorealistic computer games published today, it's not hard to appreciate the beautiful clay-driven visuals that dominate your monitor as you pilot a little yellow ship past scenic forested valleys. In fact, the gorgeous animation and surreal backgrounds in Platypus just might distract you from the ships that are trying to shoot you down. Sometimes those awesome details will even take you down themselves; I've been destroyed by innocent-looking powerlines at least twice.

Platypus lacks a real, solid plot. Its controls and interface are minimalistic. And, aside from its bizzare look and feel, it's not very innovative. On the other hand, there's only so much that can be done with such a classic, explored genre as the space shooter. In this particular case, it really is the "feel" of the game which makes it fun. The enemy types are well-defined and varied, so whether you're outmanuevering missile-shaped ships or blowing up cargo carriers to make it rain fruit, the levels rarely feel repetitive even though you're just moving around and firing.

The enjoyment spent playing this game will come in pockets here and there, not in multi-hour gaming sessions. Is it worth the money, especially since there are free, online sidescroll-shooters? It's a personal decision. If you enjoy the demo, however, and think that competing with friends for points in multiplayer is a fun diversion, chances are it'd be twenty bucks well spent.


A pretty and enjoyable sidescroller for casual, retro gaming. If the imaginitive graphics don't catch your eye, though, go play Area Flat for free.