Betty's Beer Bar Review

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Submitted by Ben-g87 on Sun, 2010-09-05 15:38.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Good Graphics, simple and easy to play, can be very addictive.
Horrible repetitve soundtrack, basic storyline, Too expensive, Glitchy.

Betty's beer bar is a very simple game to play. All you have to do is serve customers quick enough before they get angry and leave and keep the bar clean before closing time to reach your goal.

Betty's storyline is she's a small town girl who dreams of having her own tropical island and has gone to the big city to earn enough money to buy her dream island.

Now when i first played the game the graphics seem pretty good for a 2-D game with alot of detail aswell. Characters seemed to be based on famous people (eg. Rambo) which was a nice touch to the game. The background music is annoying though, very repetitive.

The tutorial is simple and easy to use, but playing the game is'nt. The gameplay is very fast considering betty is'nt, she moves too slow and the game can also be abit glitchy which can be very annoying, but you do get a few little things to help you out abit during the game (eg. Happy Hour) which make's the customers less demarnding and the game a little easy'er.

There's a online high score's chart which could make the game very addictive.


Overall Betty's Beer Bar is a simple game which could be very addictive if you get into it. I personally wouldn't buy this game as the price is far too exspensive for what it is, and im sure you could find something just like it online for free. Rating: 4/10