StickyNote Review

Nice Idea , Inadequate Execution

Submitted by IDO MAYRAZ on Sun, 2010-09-05 20:45.
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Light as a feather , will not burden your computer. Has an alarm reminder. Very easy to use.
Amateurish, simplistic! old graphics fitting 2003-4 (3d option is bad-rendered). Alarm-supports only wav files ( not MP3). Notes cannot be re-sized or shaped. Sending notes is a trouble.

Well, I love using sticky notes as any other guy, but it seems that it's not simple to create a good computerized version of it.

"Stickynote" is a small sized desktop program, It lets you create 3d notes , with a reminder alarm option and a possibility to pass your chosen notes to your friends.
There are 2 big advantages to the program : it has an alarm reminder attached the notes, making every note unforgettable.'s a very light program , and it will not burden your computer , at all!

On the other hand,there are major cons:The program lacks, tremendously, in it's graphics, technical structure and efficiency.
The alarm option , which makes the program more attractive supports only WAV files ( very 2000ish) .
The graphics are low -rendered,giving it an old look, and not in the good way(Retro).

I love its Simplicity but there are many important features missing , like designing features(shaping and resizing the notes), import-export options.

I? addition, Sending your notes to friends is very complicated (you and your friends needs "Awarenet" in order to send and receive the notes).


A nice , quite old program( 2004) that does what it says it does,not more than it! In my opinion it's too amateurish and simple. I advise waiting/looking for a better version of it.