Word Up Review

Fun times to be had.

Submitted by movingonup on Mon, 2010-09-06 21:28.
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The price, difficulty, and repetitive nature of the game.
Great user interface, easy to learn, great for all ages, and high replay value.

Word Up is a highly addictive game that will have you racking your brain to recall vocabulary words from yesteryear and even dreaming up some new ones. The learning curve is all of 30 seconds and approximately 2 minutes to master. Word Up offers an attractive user interface and dazzling sounds that grab and keep your attention but may become an annoyance after hearing them repeatedly (you can always mute the audio). This game is essentially your typical anagram game with a twist. It is imperative that you read the instructions before playing this game or you will become frustrated trying figuring them out for yourself. The player must formulate hidden words by linking together adjacent letter tiles that were not previously used in the current word.

This game has several modes including arcade mode, strategy mode, and vanilla swirl. In "Arcade" mode the player must find a certain amount of words within the given time limit. "Strategy" mode is essentially Arcade mode with an expanding word grid and lack of a time limit. However, the absence of a time limit does eliminate the challenging aspect of the game. "Vanilla Swirl" is a combination of both the Arcade and Strategy modes with the added function to spin or "swirl" the letter tiles around to form new words.

Like most anagram games there is a limit to the amount of fun you can have. You will eventually find yourself making up or guessing words you didn't even know existed. All in all Word Up is a great time eater that offers fun that is suitable for all ages. The game is quite challenging and will help to expand your vocabulary. Any player can walk away with some sense that they've accomplished some form of learning for the day. However, there are similar games out here that will provide you with the same thrill for less.


This game offers some new features but does not reinvent the wheel. If you asked me if this is a good game? I'd say "Word Up" as for the price... look elsewhere. There are many FREE alternatives.