CrazyTalk Review

Crazy Good At What It Does.

Submitted by syndic8te on Wed, 2010-09-08 20:29.
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Fun little software. Easy to use with a short learning curve.
A bit expensive. Doesn't offer extra features. Not powerful enough for serious professional work.

CrazyTalk is quite a unique software. As far as I know, there isn't any other software like this, or at least nothing as good at what CrazyTalk does.

CrazyTalk is basically a software that can animate still photos, in other words, in can make your photos talk. It does a very good job at what it's supposed to do. That can be a good, or a bad thing depending on what the user needs. It has enough features and options to satisfy your average home user or a student looking to create class presentations. But those looking for an animation software to use for professional work should probably look elsewhere.

CrazyTalk is not a full blown animation software. Its main purpose is to give your photos "emotions." It can make your photos sway, make the eyes move, and sych the lips to match an audio file.

The interface is newbie friendly, anything a novice might need to start making talking pictures is already laid out. Experienced users will find advanced features and settings to tweak around.

Now despite all the positive things I said, I still have to say that it is a bit expensive for what you're getting. It's a one trick pony and should be priced as such. I'm not saying it's expensive, I just can't find the price justifiable. Granted that you probably won't find any other software like it, but still.

I bought it because I already had an idea as to how I can make use of it. It's fun tinkering with it, but what I did was to make picture stories for my niece. Me and my friends would provide voices for the characters and it's fun to see her reactions. I would also use it to make my digital characters sing songs, make videos and give it to friends.


Using CrazyTalk can be a rewarding experience, just don't expect too much. It's designed for a simple task, and it's very good at it.