3D Live Snooker Review

3D live snooker

Submitted by blackhawk on Sun, 2010-09-12 11:15.
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Good simulation how to hit the white ball, good ball movement, good mouse control to see ball after touch, good sound and video quality, simple and easy menu.
very expensive compare with the game quality, quick boring environment because no options to choose playing location, need some time to get along with the game simulation to get a perfect power hit.

It's a very interesting snooker game with new way hit the white ball simulation. Nice simple game to play in short spare time, but if this game created for long time game play, it's need to be fix a little here and there,

1. White ball hit simulation it's very good, but in long game time can cause hand tired and boring, so add manual power gauge options will be nice, and useful in a few different game situations.
2. Add aiming guide line option, useful to help hit at hard angles and long hit, because however we can't really fell, see, and measure, a hit in a game.
3. Zooming function, to see the ball and aim better.
4. Show avatar with emotion dialogs, when players have great chance, fail to score from a hit, great shoots, and many more.
5. Create more playing locations will be very nice.
6. Add more options to play the others popular game type, such as 9 ball, 8 ball, and many more.
7. Add function option to adjust the stick/cue angle to create a special effect, like a jump ball, curve ball, and many more.


good game to play in short spare time, worth to buy if the quality is increased, or keep the quality but lower the price.