WinUndelete Review

Recover accidental deletion easily with WinUndelete

Submitted by Shakti on Sat, 2006-01-28 11:39.
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Very easy interface, Preview option, Key word search.
Unadjustable Preview window, some file don't show preview enen if the recovery condition is shown good.

WinUndelete has very simple interface. In just three steps you can get back your missing files. I never had to go through the help or tutorial for doing so. Preview option before recovery lets you verify which file you are searching for. Searching for deleted image or word document is extremely easy with this feature.

Another great option is making recover files to image file and extracting them later in your convenient time. Key word search option also good when you want to quickly find specific files by entering few key word. Bulk selection and sorting options are also very user friendly and easy to operate.

Of course there are a few problems I noticed. Here are some of them. It doesn’t recover files deleted long time ago. Maximum timeframe I observed is a month. Sometimes the file doesn’t show preview even if it shows the condition of the file is good & Recovery helper doesn’t help much (the program is so easy that I feel this helper is not required).
Preview window should be adjustable (You have to scroll up and down when images are in high resolution). So that the user can adjust as per his requirement.


WinUndelete A very simple application that can recover deleted files in easy three steps. The interface is simple and user-friendly. Grate application for end users having basic knowledge of computer operation.