AT&T Natural Voices Review

Does the Trick, Way too Overpriced!

Submitted by dollith on Sun, 2010-09-12 23:29.
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The lowest price: 29$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Clear and loud speech. Simple operation. Simple GUI
Unatractive design. No additional features. Too expensive.

AT&T is well known for their GSM and internet services and this particular piece of software is one of their less known offerings.

Clear Voices is a simple text to speech software that converts text to hearable format, which may come handy for people with disabilities or just want to try something different.

Accent of preset voices are fine, text is said out loud and graphical user interface is simple but somewhat not attracting. Selecting a text and pressing the control+c key combination is all you have to do, but it is not able to skip words, sentences or pharagraphs.

Simply, it does the trick, but nothing is included to create a difference. Also, $64.95 price tag is way to expensive compared to other text to speech software can be found out there.


Don't get it unless you are a AT&T fan or find it on Black Friday sales or the like.