Betty's Beer Bar Review

What's in this Beer?

Submitted by luxury on Mon, 2010-09-13 17:32.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Decent for an arcade game, Simple to learn
Horrific graphics, boring storyline, price for this low budget game is way too high.

The game starts out great with a very easy to follow tutorial of what's to come with Betty's Beer bar and then you will notice any amount of challenge stops right there.

Personally, most of us who surf the web for flash games when we are bored sitting around our computer (likely drinking a beer ourselves) have seen this said and done before. This game brings no "new" aspect of game play to the table at all. Lets face it, Betty's beer bar is likely not the first flash based repetitive task game we normally come across, so with that said by the time you do fine this game inside a number of other repetitive task 90's graphic based games it's very mundane and hard to catch interest.

On a side note the game itself is not horrible for what it's going for.
It's just hard to look past the fact it's not unique by any means.
It will deteriorate your boredom for Thirty Minutes or so but then you'll want another beer and likely a nap yourself.


All in and Betty's Beer Bar was a bust. She would have to spike my drink for me to sit at her bar for more then Thirty Minutes.