3D Live Snooker Review

Hard snooker game

Submitted by matt_jones72 on Tue, 2010-09-14 23:36.
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Graphics are relatively nice
to difficult to pot balls sound is awful


The sound of the balls clashing together is very metallic in sounding and quite piercing. If you make a good shot the sounds of people clapping sounds more like gun fire! The sound is better left off with your own MP3's playing in the background.

The graphics are crisp and clear and the frame rate is reasonable so the picture flows quite nicely. Outside of the table the surroundings look like some dingy pub rather than the crucible leaving the game with very little atmosphere.

Its difficult to say the least with no guidance lines to show you where your ball will go or where the ball your going to hit will go makes it near impossible to actually pot a ball by skill alone. Although I appreciate in real life you don't have guidance lines unfortunately this is not real like and the majority of us are not snooker players therefore we need guidance in order to give us any sort of chance (and make the game enjoyable). Unfortunately the balls are to difficult to pot which results in you smashing the balls in the hope of fluking a shot in.

The game is not enjoyable its to difficult the sound is awful stick to the 2D yahoo pool!


Could have been quite a nice game with a guidance line to assist the majority of novice players. Failure to provide a guidance line makes the game near impossible to enjoy.