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You'll be much safer but not COMPLETELY safe

Submitted by tygerstyle on Sun, 2010-09-19 01:11.
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Easy to install, doesn't hog computer resources so your computer doesn't slow down,
has some problems with antivirus/antispyware software

I was expecting a lot out of this software and it definitely provided. It rendered most of the keyloggers useless and protected me completely. One of the most impressive things about this software is that it doesn't slow down your computer. It hogs barely any computer resources but still does a great job and is easy to hide. One of the issues I ran into with this software was that my antivirus and my antispyware thought that it was a harmful object. If your antivirus/spyware software is one of the ones that will keep giving you popup messages because of this then this may not be for you, thankfully mine isn't so I was just able to disable to popups. However, if you're antivirus is one of those popups ones then this may not be for you. It will really compromise the stealthiness of this program and someone could end up deleting it when running a simple virus scan. Another thing that I noticed was that it didn't work with ALL keyloggers. Many of the mainstream keyloggers were rendered useless and even some less common of keyloggers were too. However, there are some very uncommon keyloggers that won't be effected by this software. For the majority that shouldn't be a problem, especially for those at work because corporations don't trust those obscure keyloggers but will rely more on the mainstream ones because they are safer and less likely to turn out to be spyware.


For the vast majority, this will more than suffice to disable keyloggers. However, if you are working some sort of top secret thing then maybe this might not be for you. However, it far exceeded my expectations and it works wonderfully at work.